Danielle Barbieri


Butcher Brown’s New “777” Proves Why They’re One Of The Hottest Live Acts Around

August 24, 2022

Cementing their status as a live act not to be missed, the latest from Butcher Brown is an absolute feast. Melding deft lyricism, spine-chilling arrangements, and an infinite groove, the band showcases their ever-expanding ambition. Vocalist and horn player Tennishu holds court with confidence and charisma, delivering a performance that is both captivating and honest, while the band, fleshed out with a full brass section, fills the spaces with stunning tones and colors. Butcher Brown is the kind of band that is never content to retread past successes. On “777” they show new angles to their already boundless creativity.



Check out Butcher Brown at this year’s AFROPUNK Fest in Brooklyn, September 10th and 11th and stream the experience on Twitch.