Naomy Pedroza


Video Premier: DAP The Contract Soars to the Stars on the new “OUTATIME” video

June 23, 2022

If you don’t know who DAP The Contract is by now, you should check out this interview we had with him earlier this year. The Nigerian-born rapper/producer comes back with an out of this world performance for “Outatime”. On “Outatime” DAP takes you to a musical multiverse, with each galaxy showcasing his diversity as an artist. With a running time of just 5:49, DAP manages to traverse through different paces and styles, offering a multitude of teasers that make the listener want to dig deep into his music catalogue. The video is co-directed by Sam.Ro.Chell & DAP, with animation handled by Farai Awindor (UFO) along with Felege Gebru (Mo Fe Jaiye).