These Black Minneapolis Food Spots Are A Must

June 6, 2022

Are you a hungry Minnesotan that craves culture and social justice? Tantalize your taste buds with these three Black-owned restaurants. While there are plenty to choose from, these restaurants have delicious flavor profiles and they each uniquely serve their community in a charismatic way.

Trio Plant-Based

Is the vegan way of life your thing? Minneapolis has a restaurant for you, too. Trio Plant-Based serves comfort soul food and is all about love. Their dishes are 100% plant-based yet don’t lack an ounce of flavor or deliciousness.

After being falsely accused and charged during the 2016 Philando Castle protests, owner Louis Hunter faced 20 years in prison. However, once his charges were dropped, he knew it was important to positively impact and serve his community—he chose to do so through health and food. In return, his community helped him raise enough money to open Trio Plant-Based—the first Black-owned vegan restaurant in Minneapolis—in 2019.

Satisfy your palette with a bowl or platter made with BBQ jackfruit ribs, mac and cheeze, maple butter cornbread, and more. Or try the Mac Attack burger made from Beyond meat, the buffalo cauliflower mac, or the chili cheeze fries. There are plenty of options for anyone interested in trying plant-based meals.

Afro Deli and Grill

With three locations in Minnesota, including Minneapolis, you don’t want to miss out on this culturally-inspired spot when visiting the area. Afro Deli & Grill is a socially responsible fusion restaurant that offers African, Mediterranean, and American food. Their appetizers, entrees, and specialties are full of vibrancy and flavor, like their Somali Steak Sandwich, Yassa Chicken, and Sambusa. Best of all, their dishes are halal and freshly prepared, attracting an even broader customer base.

Committed to its mission of community connections, Afro Deli also partners with local organizations to help advance fundamental causes in each location’s respective areas. For example, one initiative, Feeding Community, focuses on fighting food and hunger insecurities throughout the Twin Cities by giving out thousands of meals each day.

Afro Deli is fast-casual, so feel comfortable dropping by in a business suit or gym clothes—either way, your taste buds will be satisfied to your liking.

The Red Sea

Take a trip to East Africa with The Red Sea, a local favorite and the first to serve Ethiopian and Eritrean delicacies in Minneapolis since 1990. From Ater Kik to Kifto, The Red Sea offers a variety of meat-based and vegetarian dishes that patrons can enjoy.

If you love local artists and refreshing drinks, This spot has a full bar with a daily happy hour. They also feature some of the best bands and DJs Minneapolis has to offer. So whether you’re looking for a quiet meal or ready to dance, you have options.

What better way to spend your cash than with these Black-owned restaurants serving up a variety of food, culture, and social connections? Stop by and satisfy your hunger while supporting the local community.