Premiere: Toronto Punks The OBGMs Are Back With The Gloriously Retro Video for “Same”

June 13, 2022

The OBGMs have that rare ability to take raw intensity, turn it in on itself, and make something just goddamn delightful. Their latest single pulls out the softest focused lenses you can put on a VHS camcorder and turns in a loving ode to the glorious cheese of early 90’s MTV. Juxtaposed against the ultra-modern hyper-overdriven guitars and raw vocals, it’s a combination that catches you off-guard and hits the sweet spot of heavy but fun that makes The OBGMs a continual bright spot in the scene. This DIY Frankenstein’s monster avoids the trap of irony by earnestly celebrating every excess of the medium from the soft lighting to the giant phones to the incongruous lip syncing to the long emotional stares into the middle distance. The band tells us they wanted to create “a 90s-themed video with looks of Milli Vanilli and New Edition but sounds of danger.” And if that’s not something you needed in your life today, I don’t know how to help you.



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