Exclusive! Winter Wolf’s “Eye of the Wolf” is the Classic Punk Rock Release You Need Right Now

June 29, 2022

There’s not exactly a shortage of good reasons to rage at the moment, but we could always use a better soundtrack. Punk trio Winter Wolf has exactly what you need with their latest single, the frenetic, blood pumping “Eye of the Wolf.” The track kicks up dust running from a fast-paced classic hardcore throwdown before shifting down to a coda that improbably splits the difference between Screaming Jay Hawkins and Motörhead. It’s a raw, massive track that immediately demands your full attention and compels you to action.



“Eye of the Wolf” comes from Winter Wolf’s forthcoming Unwell which drops July 2nd. Described by frontman Tony $yxx as a release from the “political and mental anguish we all experienced” over the past few years, the EP fills that urgent need. You’re gonna need bigger speakers for this one.

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