Exclusive! Catch the World Premiere of Black Pantera’s Visceral New Video for “Mosha”

June 10, 2022

At this point Black Pantera’s reign as metal deities isn’t really up for discussion. Over the course of their unimpeachable discography, the trio have displayed an almost unparalleled gift for finding the sweet spot between musical depth and stripped down heaviness. Their latest, the thrilling Ascensão, adds new layers to the sound without sacrificing an ounce of its power, and the new single “Mosha” is a standout on an album of standouts. With a visceral video that the band describes as a “fast, heavy and dirty steamroller!”, director Pedro Hansen perfectly captures the ferocious antifascist energy that courses through Black Pantera’s veins. If this doesn’t wake you up, check your pulse. It might be too late.



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