Magnolia Park Fights The Void On The Exhilarating “Feel Something”

May 31, 2022

Over the course of their meteoric rise, Magnolia Park have carved out a space for themselves as the premiere purveyors of existential absolute jams. The band’s songs hit on the disconnection and disaffection that we all swim in daily, injecting their pop punk hooks with urgency. Their latest “Feel Something” finds singer Joshua Roberts fighting his way out of the darkness in a video full of instantly iconic imagery. The band has discussed getting inspiration from the legendary Studio Ghibli for their forthcoming Heart Eater EP, and it’s clear in both the visuals and the sonic inventiveness the band pours into each verse. Magnolia Park’s music may deal with heavy shit, but like the best Studio Ghibli films, it’s about transforming that heaviness into something new, and hopefully finding connection in the process. It’s easy to languish in the moment, but Magnolia Park’s new tracks are looking to build something new out of it.



Heart Eater drops June 10th on Epitaph. Catch more from Magnolia Park on Instagram @magnoliaparkfl