Black Pantera


5 New Videos You Need In Your Life Right Now

May 6, 2022

Yves Jarvis – At the Whims

There is truly no-one in the world like Yves Jarvis. His circuitous melodies and psychedelic-tinged production is a class of its own. His latest single “At the Whims” is an unexpected burst of iconoclastic joy with a video that demands attention.



Black Pantera – A Besta

Black Pantera’s latest full length Ascensão reinforces their status as the unrivaled kings of thrash, with new single “A Besta” the jewel in their crown. It’s a fiery burst of vengeance that features some of the Gama brothers best interplay to date.



Rob Milton – Back 2 Fun

Oh Rob Milton, you had us at stop motion. The prolific genre-hopping singer-songwriter’s latest shows his boundless imagination is not limited just to his music. The retro stylings mix with the visuals in a way that provides an ideal intro to his work.



Making Movies – Sala De Los Pecadores

Afro-Latino quartet Making Movies have been overdue for a breakout moment, but their new single “Sala De Los Pecadores” may be what pushes them over the edge. The new cut seamlessly blends alt rock and cumbia with a video that skewers rock excess. It’s heavy, fun, and full of moments of sonic transcendence.



Oceanator – The Last Summer

Oceanator’s Nothing’s Ever Fine remains one of 2022’s highlights. The album’s juxtaposition of despair at the state of the world and longing for the world that could have been and maybe still could be is the most perfect soundtrack to the moment. The driving and nostalgic “The Last Summer” captures the best of Oceanator’s compelling contradictions.