Rebelmatic Return Victorious On New EP ‘Mourning Dove’

April 1, 2022

“If tonight is the last chance to dance
it will be alright”

No longer content with being one of the best damn live acts bar none, Creech and company have decided to conquer the studio game as well. Where their stellar 2020 release Ghost in the Shadows bottled the lighting they summon on stage, on Mourning Dove, Rebelmatic dig deeper, adding new sounds and energies to their palette.


Opening with the ferocious single “Walk on Water,” the band runs through a set of tracks that each explores a different angle of their sound to its fullest. “Said What I Said” slows down the tempo, and pushes bassist Karnage to the front, Creature’s multi-tracked vocals switching from melodic to thrashing on a dime. On “Tomorrow Right Now” the band pulls out one of their fiercest riffs to date, for an anthemic ode to living in the moment. Of course they save the best for last, enlisting the legendary Angelo Moore on the career-highlight “Sun Go Down.” The track’s sing-along chorus teases the truly massive bridge before throwing Alkatraz the most death defying solo he’s ever put down on tape. Few bands in hardcore have had the willingness to constantly reinvent themselves as Rebelmatic, and on Mourning Dove they open up a foodgate of sonic possibilities. What’s next is anyone’s guess.

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