Giselle Bradshaw’s ‘Funky Punk’ Art Inspires and Excites

April 26, 2022

Take one look at Giselle Bradshaw’s Instagram and it’s clear that for her, art is life. For this Queens, NY alt/counterculture, all-around artist, to create is to thrive and it shows in the passion she expresses in her works and the way she goes about the world. 

AFROPUNK is taking a deep dive into the world of Giselle Bradshaw – designer, artist, model, cartoonist, and self-acclaimed “Jill of Many Trades.” 

‘Punk Rock Girl’ IRL

Growing up, Bradshaw always found herself more into rock ‘n’ roll music than anything else. 

“I was always fond of the rawness, political and social commentary of it and the driving beats and the use of ‘real instrumentation.’ When I grew up, my parents listened to a bunch of different types of music, but my mom was especially into classic rock and I think that was kind of like my very first introduction to rock in general.”

Like many of us growing up as outsiders, Bradshaw often felt alienated as a person of color in the alternative scene, experiencing feelings of “a bit of a void because we all just want people to relate to.”

It was by tapping into the modern magic of the internet that Bradshaw found kindred spirits.

“I think it was more reaching out through social media and finding more people like me that was helpful in overcoming some of the angst that came with being a Black woman, especially into punk rock,” Bradshaw explained.

Enter FunkyPunkNYC

A natural-born visual artist and cartoonist by trade, Bradshaw started her clothing business, FunkyPunkNYC in 2010, with a vision to be a showcase of alternative Black culture, as well as a sort of safe haven for Black and POC punks and general outsiders looking for inspiration and community.

She sees it as a way to encourage especially the younger generation growing up that are into alternative and punk rock music that there are others out there like them and that they are not alone. 

To sum up Bradshaw’s mission in a few powerful words — “We’re dope for being different, and we’re dope for not just fitting with the grain.”

The future is now

Although Bradshaw’s main focus has been in the visual art world, she has also been known to model and is dedicating a few of her creative energies towards her more musical side, inspired by many of the prevalent POC punk bands on the scene lately.

“In the last couple of years, there have been so many bands that have been … getting the recognition that they finally deserve and it’s very validating, it shows we’ve been out there for who knows how long, like decades, you know? And I think that in itself helped me overcome some of the older feelings I had.”Aside from music, Bradshaw is planning on releasing her own comic book within the next  two years, and we just can’t wait to see it.

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