AFROPUNK’s Video Of The Week: Rico Nasty Proves Why She’s On Top Of The Punk Rap Scene With “Vaderz” Ft Bktherula

April 22, 2022

Our favourite video for this week comes from one of the most exciting artists to have graced the AFROPUNK stage, Rico Nasty. This week Rico blessed us with the brand new single “Vaderz” (ft Bktherula) along with the video which she co-directed with Marco Alexander. ┬áThe song is vintage punk and Rico shines bright as always, but it’s amazing to see the chemistry with the rising star from Atlanta, Bktherula. The duo trade lines with so much energy kinda reminiscent of Meth & Redman, and they do it all in just two minutes. “Vaderz” is sure to be fan favourite at live shows, and many glorious moshpits will be created because of the song. Check it out below: