The Black Women Dominating The Entertainment Industry

March 17, 2022

From the latest blockbusters to our favorite tunes, the people behind the scenes help make entertainment what it is. And as the industry evolves for the better, the amount of Black involvement we see grows. Meet these five female power-players who are pushing the entertainment industry forward from the inside out.

Qiana Conley

A legend across multiple genres, Qiana Conley got her start working in promotions at Epic Records before becoming Director of Creative/A&R for Television and Film. She is currently an Executive Director at the Recording Academy and runs cue the creatives, a music development consulting firm.

One of Conley’s main focuses is making sure that Black women in the music industry especially feel supported and protected. “I do think that it’s really important as we continue to protect Black women in the music business that we protect their innocence, their brilliance, their opportunity for rest and spirituality, their beauty and their honor.” (via Essence)

Ruth E. Carter

With over 35 years in Hollywood under her belt, Ruth E. Carter is a force to be reckoned with. The iconic costume designer is the first Black person to win an Academy Award (for her bang up job on “Black Panther”) and has over 40 films to her credit.

Carter’s mission is to preserve African-American history and celebrate the beauty of the diaspora through fashion – one that she achieves with grace and fierceness. 

Heather Lowery

After spending time wearing many hats in the music industry, Live Nation partner and innovator Heather Lowery created Femme It Forward. The venture is a joint partnership with Live Nation that seeks to provide a platform for women in live music across genres.

With a vision to become a “multi-faceted, multi-media business within the next five years,” (via Pollstar), Lowery’s Femme It Forward has already produced more than 20 all-female lineup shows and panels across the country featuring names like Cardi B., Jill Scott, and Kiana Ledé among others.

Tracy Christian

Despite the odds, Tracy Christian has found success as a top agent in Hollywood. Inspired by her grandmother who fought discrimination daily in the workforce, Christian isn’t one to give up in the face of adversity.

“If that’s where I come from, do you think that some white boys telling me no is ever going to stop me? That would have been unacceptable and alien in my family. We are competitors. We were bred to win.” (via Essence)

Christian is the owner of TCA MGMT, a full-scale talent boutique that has represented artists like Octavia Spencer, Tisha Campbell, Curtiss Cook, Amiyah Tracy, and more. 

Mona Scott-Young 

Haitian-American television producer and entrepreneur Mona Scott-Young is a multi-faceted individual whose endeavors span film, television, music, and marketing among other industries.

CEO and founder of Monami Entertainment, Scott-Young is responsible for the television sensation “Love and Hip-Hop,” as well as managing talents such as Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes with her company, Violator.

As long as the entertainment industry exists, Black talent will always be a driving force in what keeps things running. Here’s to the Black women who help make our media what it is today.