Jon Waltz Teases with New Single “DWN4” EP Release “My Golden Horse” In March

March 8, 2022

Straight out of the 90’s, but with a distinctly topical modern essence, Memphis native Jon Waltz’s recent single “DWN4” is a soothing yet scintillating exploration of both past and present R&B. “DWN4” is an ode to Waltz’s friends and loved ones who have stood by him throughout his life. While gearing up to release his upcoming EP My Golden Horse (out March 23rd), he’s been in the studio with Healy, Verzache, MONEYPHONE, Kenny Mason, Blxst, and Bad Child. The accompanying music video (dir. Nik Arthur) is a hypnotic visual endeavor, a mesmerizing blur of color and sound. The multi-channel style video was shot entirely on an iPhone, bringing the vulnerable, intimate nature of the track even more to life.