Black Pantera Brings The Fire On “Fogo Nos Racistas”

February 28, 2022

“Fogo nos racistas
Expõe pra queimar
Deixa queimar”


Opening with a Malcolm X quote before settling into a colossal alt-metal groove, Black Pantera’s latest is out for blood. The title translates to “Fire on the Racists,” a Brazilian antiracist battlecry, and the accompanying video doesn’t shy away from the fire. Black Pantera is always at their best when their knives are sharpest, and on “Fogo Nos Racistas” the band slows the tempo down and unleashes their rawest fury. The band pushes the bass to the forefront for one of their tightest riffs to date, issuing a sound that calls back to the early 90’s when acts like Soulfly and Helmet roamed the Earth. The impact is an absolute detonation. Black Pantera’s forthcoming full length cannot come soon enough.



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