how blk & bold delivers social impact in every cup

January 7, 2022

BLK & Bold is the first black-owned, nationally distributed coffee brand and has quickly established itself as an advocate for social change in communities. The brainchild of two longtime friends, Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson, the Des Moines, Iowa-based roaster, has partnered with Ben & Jerry’s to launch a coffee-inspired flavor on a mission:Change Is Brewing.

 Change is Brewing was designed to encourage ice cream fans to help pass The People’s Response Act (PRA). The PRA offers a plan to create an inclusive, holistic, and health-centered approach to public safety. As America faces a critical turning point, Black and Brown neighbors who continue to bear the brunt of police brutality in this nation are demanding change. But it’s not enough to just say Black Lives Matter, we need to take action to ensure these words have meaning. The PRA provides a new vision of public safety in America, one that rejects incarceration and criminalization and instead promotes security, well-being, and joy. Every single person in this country, no matter what they look like or where they live, deserves dignity, respect, safety, and the opportunity to thrive. 

BLK & Bold’s social impact model is at the core of their business model, which ensures conscious consumerism is adopted at scale while supporting communities of color. According to Black, Cezar & Johnson built BLK & Bold “with a charitable hook: 5% of its proceeds go toward issues such as helping eradicate youth homelessness and addressing food insecurities.” Co-founder Rod Johnson says, “BLK and Bold represents our products, black coffee, and black tea, but it also speaks to us as individuals.” Cezar continues saying, “Black entrepreneurs are really the investment that the Black community makes back into society. The People’s Response Act is plainly stated to be a part of the solution. We’ve been fortunate to get a call from the Ben & Jerry’s sourcing team looking to be more intentional about how they partner with Black suppliers.”

Change Is Brewing not only drives awareness of this critical legislative effort but was developed in collaboration with Black business owners including BLK & Bold and Laci Jordan, a multi-disciplinary artist, whose vision of a world of safety and inclusion for all people is featured on the pint. Change is Brewing aspires to invest in Black and Brown communities in three ways: by making it easy to take policy action, by supporting Black artists, and by enabling ice cream lovers to vote with their wallets by supporting Black-owned businesses.

Learn more about the PRA. Then join the Movement For Black Lives in demanding Congress pass the People’s Response Act. Take action here!