aligns’ ‘monarchy’ is pure adrenaline

January 11, 2022

“we gotta reorganize!”

The interplay between ALIGNS’ Jacques Barbot and Mark Bell remains one of NYC’s most vital creative partnerships. A finely tuned precision machine of auditory antihalation. Barbot’s guitar tuned down as far as the neck will allow, while Bell’s drums cut through the noise like shrapnel. Their latest EP MONARCHY captures the magic of their live show, stripping down the production to raw materials.

It’s a kinetic collection. On highlights “Reparations” and “Decentralize,” the band melds minimalist riffs and revolutionary decrees into anthems of rebellion. Closing track “Colonial Syndrome” builds from a collection of jagged riffs into one of the most cathartic choruses in the band’s repertoire before finally getting so heavy it collapses in on itself like a black hole. Fitting for a record whose cover (designed by João Rui) features Elvis washing Chuck Berry’s ride. Power structures have always been at the heart of ALIGNS’ music, and on MONARCHY the band crafts sonic weaponry capable of shaking the system to the core.



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