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afropunk & ruffles® celebrate the uniqueness in people through new campaign: own your ridges®

January 18, 2022

AFROPUNK is thrilled to announce the new OWN YOUR RIDGES® campaign in partnership with Ruffles® kicking off on January 18th, 2022. The collaboration between AFROPUNK and Ruffles® will be a 3 part custom content series that celebrates, affirms, and platforms the amazing AFROPUNK audience and everything that makes them unique, encouraging them to own their ridges. Through the campaign, AFROPUNK and Ruffles® aim to teach and inspire magic within each person and give them the voice to TELL US what makes them special, why and how they want to use their uniqueness to not only propel themselves but their community and the Black community at large. The campaign will be divided into three parts and influencers lead on various social media platforms where they ask their audience to show their ridges/uniqueness.

The first three segments of the campaign will be as follows:

  • Part 1: Show Your Ridges: Influencer-led UGC campaign that serves as a catalyst for our community to reflect on their ‘ridges’, everything that makes them magic. The AP audience will participate and tell us about their ridges on TikTok and IG.
  • Part 2: Explore Your Ridges: We’ll partner with select Youtubers and Twitch influencers to create content where they explore their ridges and inspire their followers to take part in the conversation and authentically share and engage around what makes them unique.
  • YOUTUBE: Influencers will explore what it means to Own Their Ridges and the AFROPUNK message of celebrating who you are and reflecting on what that all means to them.
  • TWITCH: We’ll tap into our AFROPUNK gamer community by having twitch streamers play their preferred game in collaboration with another streamer while they discuss what Owning Their Ridges means and the AFROPUNK message of celebrating who you are and reflecting on what that all means to them.
  • Part 3: Draw Your Ridges: A short video series featuring 3 muses sitting in front of a visual artist while answering prompts about who they are and what makes them unique as their essence/ridges are brought to life on a canvas. They only get to see it at the end of the process as we capture their raw reactions. The canvas becomes a collaboration between the artist and the AFROPUNK’ER as all they do is visually bring to life the essence/ridge of the person in front of them.

Be sure to keep an eye out for more details, updates, and announcements on the new collaboration with AFROPUNK and Ruffles®. Our social media platforms will be sharing updates on a regular basis. Head to to learn more.


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