ex-unlocking the truth guitarist malxolm brixkhouse charts a new path on “caroline”

December 7, 2021

Malxolm Brixkhouse rose to the heights of the heavy music world after breaking through as the guitarist for teenage metal icons Unlocking the Truth Since the band’s dissolution, he’s been forging a new path as a solo artist, maintaining the intensity of his earlier work with a more melodic vocal approach. The new singles “Caroline” and “Rapture” add nods to hip-hop production and electronic flourishes beneath his ever-fierce guitar work. There’s a vulnerability at work beneath the anthemic hooks that keep it grounded. The new singles are a maturation in both sound and content, finding Malxolm wrestling with maturity with lines like “adolescence / don’t make me question / you’ve been so restless.” But it’s that questioning that keeps the new music vital, always searching for the new truth and never resting on his laurels.

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