Allen Jiang


quinton brock channels the loneliness of lockdown into the captivatingly honest “touch”

November 19, 2021

“If you think I’m nervous
It’s because it’s probably true”


There’s an uneasiness and a restlessness that underpins “Touch.” The jangly guitars and impatient drumming threaten the smooth sincerity of the vocals, perfectly creating a sense of being a little more honest than you intended. It’s a longing for connection fighting against the fear of rejection that like Quinton Brock’s last single, the propulsive “To The Moon,” turns contradiction into art. The new cut came out of a moment of loneliness at the height of lockdown when isolation and uncertainty were the name of the game. Brock channels that into a single that’s equal parts R&B, post-punk, and indie rock and just captivatingly honest. In the past Quinton Brock has expressed a mission statement to “change rock music forever,” and based on his first few singles, he might actually do it.



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