niecy blues transcends loss on the stellar “bones become the trees”

November 30, 2021

Watching the first snowfall of the year out the window, and there’s something perfect about Niecy Blues’ new single soundtracking the experience. The South Carolina based artist drenches sound in reverb and fuzz, with a minimalist driving beat as the anchor while spinning out lyrics about grief, rebirth, and growth. Their vocals–terse but melodic, insistent but delicate–have a longing quality. There’s a mix of regret and perseverance to the abstract imagery as they look back on a childhood spent navigating a strict religious upbringing, having come out the other side liberated.


Niecy Blues explains “‘Bones Become the Trees’ is a declaration of my rejection of organized religion. I spent a large portion of my childhood within the confines of a cult in southern Oklahoma. I was made to feel shame which led to the denial of self and a loss of control. This song is a testament to my autonomy and newfound freedom.”



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