kokutan brings the cosmic dread on their galaxy-scale single “collision”

November 17, 2021

“Galaxies collide
Our ancestors survived
When you’re wondering why
Look up to the sky
In the middle of the night”


With a gothic vibe and punk rock intensity, the new duo Kokutan explodes out the gate with their debut single “Collision.” Creeping dread pervades the driving instrumental while the entrancing vocals entreat us to “look up to the sky.” There’s almost a sense of cosmic horror to the combination of celestial vocals and heavy-as-fuck production. Though best known as the ferocious singer of Samurai Shotgun, Mateo’s latest collaboration finds him ceding the mic and getting his multi-instrumentalist on to revelatory results. The band tells us cryptically of the new song: “If you look for it, it’s all around. Making sure you choose the best choice for you.”



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