Dennis Ho


get swept up in the flood of seafoam walls’ shoegaze epic ‘xvi’

November 12, 2021

Momentary jagged burst of distortion cut through the meticulously crafted washed out textures like waves cresting. The songs sometimes feel like a painting, before bandleader Jayan Bertrand’s vocals wash in, oblique lyrics in hand. Their latest, XVI is an album that you want to listen straight through. It’s engrossing, hypnotic, and expansive–something to get lost in, rather than be put on in the background.

The Miami band has been making waves since 2014, but over the past year have evolved into a force of nature. A head-turning appearance as part of AFROPUNK’s Black Spring, and a series of earworm singles lead up to an album that sounds like nothing else out there. Singles like “Dependency” and “Program” showcase the depth of the band’s songwriting, but it’s the vibe they capture throughout that makes the record stand out. The collective play together like a jazz band, tempos shift and moods change without losing step. There’s an organic interplay to the way the members pick up each other cues, it’s both meticulous and spontaneous.

Bertrand describes the album as a process of making sense of his place in the world, and trying to create space for change saying “When I wrote these songs my worldview was crumbling. A new wave of activism and intersectionality was shifting the way I thought and wrote.”



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