brazilian singer/composer éfiro shares new video for his song não quero mais

November 12, 2021

“Não Quero Mais,” meaning I don’t want this anymore, is the second solo single in the career of the Brazilian singer, composer, and music producer, Éfiro. A song that symbolizes the search for freedom to feel one’s emotions as a black gay man in today’s society.

 “I feel like we’re not taught to embrace our vulnerability. We learn to be strong and end up not knowing the power of feeling, and failing, to identify what is not good for us. It is only when we look at our shadows, that we really learn where to find our strength”, says Éfiro.  “My generation is learning to face emotional vulnerability as empowerment and I’d like to encourage everyone to look at their own issues and decide what they no longer want in their lives.”

In the video, directed by Maví and with conceptual and creative director Michell Lott, Éfiro’s anxieties are represented by water, a holistic symbol of human emotions. As Éfiro navigates through the spaces decorated with Brazilian designer furniture, he deals with his feelings and frees himself from them, and finally feels lightness in his heart – becoming weightless.

In addition to being a musician, Éfiro has a successful career as a model and works for major fashion brands in Brazil. While working on a project with the director of photography, Felipe Djanikian, who shot the photography for the music video, they arrived at the idea to take advantage of the breaks in schedules due to the pandemic to take another step to advance Éfiro’s artistic vision for his music.  After this conversation, they gathered a talented team made up of friends and acquaintances who believed in the importance of the message that the music carries. Among them: make-up artist Angel Moraes, who highlights the beauty of “Não Quero Mais”, bringing a poignant look to Éfiro that represents his anguish and suffering, and the stylist, Leandro Benites, ahead of BEN Ateliê, who is responsible for the costume design in the video, with deconstructed looks that challenge the genre and propose lighter and more inclusive fashion.

“Não Quero Mais” arrived on all streaming platforms, and the music video on YouTube, on November 11th, 2021.