Jamie Waters


nova twins summon their army on the defiant “antagonist”

October 29, 2021

The duo of Amy Love Georgia South has been responsible for some of the most unassailable bangers of the last few years. Their walls of riffs and effects and unapologetic take-no-prisoners vocal delivery made their 2020 debut Who Are The Girls? a highlight. The new single fine-tunes their sound into a precision explosive. Even at low volumes, “Antagonist” is loud af. By the time it hits the mind-bending glitched out coda, be prepared for your speakers to melt into a puddle of plastic and shrapnel.




Describing the track, the band says “‘Antagonist’ is a defiant tune about self-belief; how you can summon the inner strength to be ready for whatever comes at you. It’s the army that surrounds you wherever you go.”


Follow them at @NovaTwinsMusic for more, including updates on their massive upcoming tour.