Michael Danners


oxymorrons light it up on the unapologetic “django”

September 15, 2021

Oxymorrons melding of punk rock and hip-hop continues to level up with each new release. Their latest, the fierce “Django” nods back to The Bomb Squad’s legendary production before interjecting the band’s own alt flavor. The sibling-led band trades verses that celebrate their heritage and legacy of rebellion, over a breakneck beat and razor sharp guitars. The result is Oxymorrons’ most electrifying single to date.


The band calls the single a mission statement telling us “It’s an unapologetic celebration of our melanin. We used Django because so often our society’s only celebrate fictional embodiments of Black resistance, while erasing the actual Black revolutionaries throughout global history. The systems in place don’t want us to see ourselves in those that look like us… that fought for our peoples liberation (see Haiti, DR, Africa, etc). We say, fuck that. I look like him, You look like him, We look like him. DJANGO!”



The band’s Mohawks & Durags EP drops next week. Stay up to date by following Oxymorrons at @oxymorrons on Instagram.