bartees strange’s “weights” is an essential indie anthem

September 30, 2021

Since dropping Live Forever a year ago, Bartees Strange has embarked on a run for the ages. The year’s seen the singer cement his status as one of indie rock’s leading lights, making head-turning appearances at basically every streaming performance series. Now he and his band are upping the ante dropping an expansive cover of TV on the Radio’s “Province” and new original tune “Weights” in anticipation of the expanded Live Forever this Friday. 9 times out of 10 when an artist adds to the tracklist of an already great record, it’s more of a coda than a necessary entry. “Weights” on the other hand is straight up one of Bartees Strange’s most infectious tracks. A driving indie affair that perfectly threads the needle between Bartees Strange’s louder and more contemplative tendencies, it’s an essential entry in the discography.




Bartees Strange will be on tour through the fall with Lucy Dacus and Courtney Barnett. Head to @bartees_strange to stay up to date.