samurai shotgun’s “neo tokyo” is 3 minutes of pure energy and bliss

July 30, 2021

Samurai Shotgun is best known for their hard-as-nails missives, but as punk legend Steve Ignorant said: “remember that 3 letter word, ‘fun?'” On their latest single, the hip-hop/post-hardcore quintet turns in a song that’s pure sugar rush bliss. A 3 minute ode to anime, video games, and the giant robots that make life worth living, frontman Mateo’s repeated chants “let’s go to Tokyo!” are possibly the most unabashedly joyful hook in the history of post-hardcore. The band keeps pace, never letting the intensity slack with turntablist DJ Qeys in particular doing some of his most virtuosic work to date. This song is the musical equivalent of a mech suit: loud, heavy, over the top, totally preposterous, and fucking awesome.



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