Roman Koval


premiere: the steoples enlist reggie watts for the entrancing “in the dance”

June 30, 2021

The mix of sonic nostalgia and adventurousness that underpins the collaboration between Yeofi and GB sets a perfect stage for a dystopian tale of intimacy and technology. On their latest single, the stunning “In The Dance,” The Steoples interweave haunting melodies, lush strings, and dynamic percussion for a track that stands statuesque on the shoulders of the soul and indie luminaries who came before but with its gaze fixed firmly on the future. It’s on that backdrop that Reggie Watts appears as half of a couple cut off from intimacy by their society, and limited only to connection through a mysterious virtual reality project. Between digital glitches and ethereal movement by almost liquid dancers, the emotional intimacy of the band’s music perfectly grounds the sci-fi visuals. It was not at all clear before that the world desperately needed some Reggie Watts-starring dystopian sci-fi, but in hindsight, all the hints were there all along. Whoever handles this sort of thing at the major streaming platforms, take note.


Yeofi tells us they wrote “In The Dance” “to pay homage to all the great luminaries who have tracked a path across modern history. Lovers of life whose art emboldens hearts and invigorates the spirit. Broadcasting freedom fighters disguised as dancers; writers, poets, painters, musicians, all magicians conjuring against the odds. Compelling attention, conveying more than their craft. Their voices have bailed out the human spirit where social circumstance has left it bankrupt, time and time again. Each generation has them, this song salutes them all.”


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