get to know the artist: stiff pap release their single riders on the storm

June 11, 2021

South African duo, Stiff Pap is back with what promises to be a start of a new era for the alternative scene in South Africa. Having recently signed to U.K. based label Cotch International, last year, the two men outfit is gearing to release their first full-length project under the imprint. To kick things off, Stiff Pap has released their single “Riders On The Storm”  which features Nkosi Zithulele of BCUC. Here’s a couple of things you might have not known about Stiff Pap.


1. One of our most popular songs “Dlala” was also the first song we ever made.

2. Although most of our lyrics are in Zulu, we’re both Xhosa.

3. We met as students in Cape Town but we’re from Joburg and Durban respectively.

4. We almost gave our song “Mkokotelo” away to a popular South African DJ

5. Our biggest song “Ngomso” was actually made 3 years before it came out.

6. Jakinda (producer half of Stiff Pap) was part of the 20th anniversary and last ever class of the now disbanded Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin.

7. All Stiff Pap songs have been produced and recorded completely with just a laptop and midi keyboard.

8. The band was almost named Stokvel before we decided on the Stiff Pap.

9. Before Stiff Pap got any bookings, Jakinda used to play DJ sets and sneak Ayema onto the stage to perform.

10. Stiff Pap was the first-ever live act to perform at Afropunk Johannesburg.

You can listen to “Riders On The Storm” right here: