anaiis searches for meaning deep within herself in her new video for the single juno

April 19, 2021

On the self-reflective track ‘juno’, anaiis tells the story of a journey back to herself through stirring vocals. “I wrote about being okay with not being okay, it’s not always easy to make space for ourselves when we are feeling so very low,” she explains. “When writing this song, I was looking for glimpses of solace whilst searching for ways to see beyond the confines of my thoughts and to find the little crack where I felt I had the choice again.” The second track to drop following ‘vanishing’, the artist sets a narrative of liberation, self-discovery and coming of age.

Collaborating with the poet and artist Julian Knxx to create a performance video that looks at entrapment and surrealism, the visual side of the track creates as much emotive impact as the storytelling in the vocals. “I was trying to communicate a feeling visually, using imagery to convey emotion,” anaiis states. As such, themes of duality, loss of clarity, isolation and anxiety are all felt in a powerful visceral way. Through the depths of darkness, the artist is offering hope that healing is possible after finding the tools to regain control.

Occupying the space between different styles, anaiis is a child of diaspora who writes from an observatory lens through her experience as a young Black woman. Moving into a space of ownership and empowerment, the French-Senegalese artist is being tipped as one to watch for the year 2021.