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premiere: sunny war stands up on “mama’s milk”

March 11, 2021
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There’s something about Sunny War’s music that makes it the quietest punk rock it’s possible to make. Though her guitar work is rooted in blues, soul, and folk, Sunny’s songwriting packs a stronger punch than whole discographies of reactionary punk traditionalists. It’s a reminder of the time she spent in punk-as-in-genre acts like Fuck You Pay Us and Anus Kings. Sunny War’s latest, the irresistible “Mama’s Milk” couples a hook-filled invective against patriarchal partners with a video that riffs on Dylan’s classic “Subterranean Homesick Blues” for the DIY set. It’s the whole package; at once fierce and melodic with visuals that capture the wry humor and heart at the soul of all of Sunny War’s music.


Sunny tells us, ““Mama’s Milk” is about how I am not responsible for the mental health of whatever man I’m dating. I was inspired to write the song when I realized that femme identifying folk seem to put way more time into “self care” and actively working on recovering from trauma. I wish men would do the same and stop expecting women to be therapist and life counselors for them. It’s called “Mama’s Milk” cos the chorus implies they literally want to be nursed and never were as babies.”



You can (and really, really should) pre-order Sunny War’s forthcoming Simple Syrup over at Bandcamp and keep apprised on Instagram @sunnywarmusic.