british brooklyn is back with palmtrees and powerlines

March 19, 2021

One of the most exciting artists that I’m anticipating greatness from, BRITISH BROOKLYN, has just released his cinematic short film, PALMTREES AND POWERLINES. Shy of just 30 minutes, PALMTREES AND POWERLINES sees the artist explore a dimension within himself in order to find meaning to the human journey. PALMTREES AND POWERLINES is accompanied by the artist’s music from his EP of the same name.

BRITISH BROOKLYN is birthed from actor/filmmaker veteran Ty Hodges who is expanding his creative process through music and performance art. The EP was produced in collaboration with his brother, artist and producer Tero Golden. “Growing up as a child actor to take a break and discover my purpose as an artist has been a process of liberation. I love that music is a universal language. I love the abundance of freedom and expression through art. That is what BRITISH BROOKLYN is to me. I am excited to make more music and art without limitations and fear. I started this project rediscovering my voice as an artist beyond being an actor/filmmaker and healing from many years of trying to fit into a box.”