Ahmad Martin


black haus’ throwback “you” makes an early bid for official song of the summer

March 16, 2021
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The indie rock chameleons of Black Haüs are back again with a new single. This time, it’s a throwback jam pulled out of a polyester-lined time capsule. What makes “You” great is that it’s fun without a hint of parody, it’s a lovingly self-aware tribute that works as a deep love letter not just to the eponymous “you” but to the entire throwback aesthetic. Like the truest love, Black Haüs see the most absurd excesses and celebrate them too, before launching into a searing guitar solo that would make Eddie Hazel blush. I mean, hell, photographer Ahmad Martin even captured the single art on film for maximum realism. That’s a truly admirable level of commitment. And the video from Elijah Smith is just *chef’s kiss*. I know March is a little early to call the Song of the Summer, but the gauntlet has been well and truly thrown.


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