algiers’ ganser remix is post-punk perfection

March 4, 2021

Like a post-punk Voltron, Algiers joining forces with Ganser is an unstoppable force of nature. The union of Ganser’s talent for utterly compelling claustrophobia with Algiers’ infinitely deep textures creates something that’s simultaneously expansive and focused. Throughout “Told You So,” Alicia Gaine’s vocals are overwhelmed by the swirling anxiety of sound and before snapping immediately immediately to clarity, like waking up from a surreal dream before drifting off into an even deeper sleep. The result is a collaboration that hints at the epic double bill that would have been had the two groups been able to hit the road together as planned. Of the millions of plans scuttled by the pandemic, this is one that desperately needs to be picked back up.


Alicia Gaines tells us, “This time last year we were supposed to be on the road with Algiers after SXSW, but of course that didn’t happen. They’re such an amazingly talented group of people, it feels very special to collaborate with them despite everything. We will play together someday, but in the meantime this project is really reminding us that the music community is still very tight-knit and very much alive.”



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