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samurai shotgun find their power on new single “limbo”

February 10, 2021
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Few artists have thrived this past year, and Samurai Shotgun haven’t been exempt from that struggle. Finding themselves in limbo, the band has fought their way out and re-discovered their power on their recent releases. Adding elements of alt-metal and a prog flair to their latest cut, “Limbo” breaths new life into a sound that was already pushing boundaries. Riding an impossibly labyrinthine bassline, the band flows from a stretched out groove to an intense breakdown while frontman Mateo’s vocals stretch his range to his most emotionally raw performance to date.



Mateo says of the song, “Limbo was a place where the band was at for awhile, running toward a goal but ending up in the same place. You can either sit and wait around or do something about it.”

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