david blank claims his space with the new single “i am here”

February 24, 2021

To stand up and claim your space in the world can sometimes be terrifying and needs the courage to do so. With his new single, “I Am Here”, Afro-Italian artist, David Blank announces his arrival and proclaims he is a force to be reckoned with. “I Am Here” is David’s third single following his first two releases, “Standing in Line” and “Foreplay” from his upcoming debut EP “Exhale” scheduled for a March release. The EP is curated by the independent record label, Fluidostudio.

Similar to his previous singles, “I Am Here” draws from David’s personal story and this time he is taking charge of his destiny.  In “I am Here”, the music is embedded in David’s identity so deep that it cannot be held back any longer, and must be sung out loudly until it goes beyond the individual dimension itself, thus turning into a true empowering chorus for anyone who hears it.


You can stream David Blank’s “I Am Here”