jesse markin delivers an ode to the good times ahead with his new single, smokestack

January 25, 2021
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Finnish singer-songwriter, Jesse Markin’s new single “Smokestack” has to be the most addictive song I’ve heard in a while. On this loud, unapologetic head-banging tune, Jesse displays his ability to change between rapping and delivering melodic tunes with ease. Jesse’s vocals add a grunge punk layer to the prog-rock inspired song’s production that is saturated with mechanical guitar riffs. The Kim Koponen directed visual for “Smokestack” perfectly match the song’s intensity, giving us a peak of what’s going inside Jesse’s head.

Talking of the track, Markin says: “As long as I can remember I’ve been a huge fan of 60’s music scene. And for a long time I’ve been vibing to old Woodstock tapes of Hendrix, Santana, Grateful Dead and much more. These performances were the inspiration behind this track. I simply wanted to capture the feeling of those days while bringing something new to the mix with 808’s and rap.”

Having played Smokestack repeatedly over the weekend, I’m really eager to hear more from Jesse Markin and what his brilliant mind has to offer.