new age south african music duo, ikati esengxoweni, releases debut single “the cradle of humankind”

December 11, 2020
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Hailing from the Eastern Cape province in South Africa, Ikati Esengxoweni (translates to “Cat In The Bag”) blesses us with their new single “The Cradle Of Humankind”, their introduction  introduction to the merciless music industry. Composed in trying  times, Ikati Esengxoweni, have written lyrics  that speak an authentic & universal language to the perseverance of timeless music.  

Ikati Esengxoweni’s Lark Wantu & Anam Manyati’s song title is inspired by the comparison between “The Cradle Of Humankind” and a time machine, which  allows us to travel back into time and discover how the Earth and its continents were formed. The duo’s creative story telling style, will take you on a journey of self-discovery in a torrent of African languages, such as IsiXhosa, Bamba as well as Swahili, in rhythms  and electronic sounds proudly wearing their DNA.

Ikati Esengxoweni comments “This track is about celebrating our past, moving on from adversity, as well as highlighting how human beings, throughout  the ages, of all backgrounds, have grown into the spirit of embracing the evolution of  music. ”The Cradle Of Humankind”, will encourage the molding of a sustainable future  for these artists, encouraging the global welcoming of the time of New Age Funk.”

You can stream their debut single below: