Cautious Clay


stream our family gathering playlist featuring our favorite new cuts from the ap extended family

November 25, 2020

Though the pandemic continues to rage, disrupting family gathering, the AFROPUNK family is serving up a veritable feast of new music. We’ve rounded up some of our recent favorites, from indie rock appetizers, R&B main courses, and punk desserts. Stream them below on our Spotify playlist.



Cautious Clay – Dying in the Subtlety
The rise of Brooklyn’s Cautious Clay has been one of the highlights of a year desperate for highlights. The latest single from his forthcoming debut record wrenches unexpected joy from the achingly beautiful music.

JunglePussy – Morning Rock
This breakup anthem / angst gem is the perfect soundtrack to walking around NYC and stomping out the global pandemic anxiety.

Sideria – Malcolm & Tina
There’s an infectious charm to Sideria’s stripped down indie rock that just makes it the perfect fall music.

Freak Juice – Dirty Little Secret
Freak Juisce is a new supergroup from Fishbone and Lenny Kravitz touring guitarist Tori Ruffin. Their melding of metal, funk, reggae, R&B, and just about everything under the sun is a feast unto itself.

Anti-Flag ft. DE’WAYNE, Marcia Richards, Jordan Montgomery, and Tom Morello – A Dying Plea Vol. 2
The long-running punk rock legends enlist AP extended family members DE’WAYNE, Marcia Richards, Jordan Montgomery, and Tom fucking Morello for a song that is pure fire and fury.

Amaarae ft. Koe Radical and Cruel Santano – Jumping Ship
A groovy afrobeat track perfect to spin while you flirt on FaceTime.

I.Am.Tru.Starr – Something’s Gotta Change
Anchored by the deeply excellent single “Something’s Gotta Change,” I.An.Tru.Starr’s latest full length Viva is an immaculately constructed collection.

WILLOW & Jahnavi Harrison – Rise
“Rise” is a reminder of the stillness which grants space to grow. Listening to the song feels like a meditation.

George Riley – TRIXXX
The winter chapter of quarantine has us absentmindedly fused to screens more that any of us would like to admit. Sometime you just need a reminder that the black mirror is full of illusions! Loving the blend of R&B, trip hop and electronica in George Riley’s sound.

FEVER 333 – Bite Back
Jason Aalon Butler’s fiery collective always hits the sweet spot with their latest combustible EP. If this doesn’t get your blood flowing, nothing can.

Beauty Pill – Instant Night
Rebutting Stephen Miller’s primetime fascist screed, the venerable DC indie outfit turns in one of the most unabashedly beautiful songs of their career; the dessert at the end of a miserable year.