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premiere: songhoy blues’ “badala” is a much-needed burst of pure liberation

November 11, 2020
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From the opening wails of fuzz to the rapid-fire drum fills, the latest from Songhoy Blues is an exhilarating rush of liberation. The vibe calls back to the early days of punk when anything was game, from the bare-knuckled riff to the shoutalong chorus. “Badala” translates to “we don’t give a fuck,” and there’s a sense of being unleashed that permeates every note. The video amplifies it with vibrant colors piercing the darkness, the band’s dynamic performance shining like a beacon. And enough can’t be said about the meticulously matching guitars. Guitarist garba touré tells us, “Badala is a video that we have dedicated to the freedom and validation of the young. We invite you to watch Badala and tell us of your experience of freedom and validation in 2020.”



Get more from Songhoy Blues on Instagram @songhoyblues and check out their latest full length Optimisme out now on Fat Possum Records.