Leonardo Ramalho


premiere! black pantera hit new heights on visual ep ‘capítulo negro’

November 20, 2020

With their latest EP, Black Pantera continue a winning-streak almost unprecedented in heavy music, where most bands often struggle to re-ignite the flames of their early releases. Instead, on CAPÍTULO NEGRO (Black Chapter in English), the Brazillian trio adds new dimension to their sound without losing a drop of the intensity they’ve come to define. The addition of a berimbau in particular is a next-level touch. Released to coincide with Brazil’s Dia da Consciência Negra (Black Awareness Day), the EP is stuffed with Pro-Black anthems and pointed evisceration of oppressive systems.

Though visuals have always been a crucial component of Black Pantera’s approach, the EP is strung together more like a short film than anything. Directed by Leonardo Ramalho, the visual EP strings together images both abstract and hyperreal. The pandemic-stricken empty streets form a stark background, passing through brutal imagery, before emerging out the end with images of family and community. The powerful wall of contradictions, beauty and aggression, rage and contemplation make for one of the most compelling metal releases of the year.


Download your copy here, and get more from Black Pantera on Instagram @blackpanteraofficial.