Jillian Clark


black haüs find new depth in indie rock on the endlessly ambitious ‘miss thang’

November 30, 2020
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“Everything I’ve loved I’ve grown to hate.”

There’s a tangle of contradictions at the heart of Black Haüs‘ music; driving but laid back, nostalgic but forward-thinking, hooky as fuck but atmospheric. The band’s sound looks back to that glorious moment before punk, goth, and new wave had split into separate scenes with nods to R&B and future funk buried throughout. The band committed to giving each member of the band a turn at the mic on the new EP, which contributes to it’s breadth of sound. Miraculously, Miss Thang always feels cohesive; a collections of highlights. From the euphoric indie pop opener “Removed” to the deep house-inflected closer “Rich Pretty” Black Haüs always manage to sound like themselves without ever recording the same song twice. This is the kind of EP where every listen through is a new discovery.



If you missed Black Haüs‘ infinitely inventive set at last month’s Planet AFROPUNK you can catch it for a limited time on the Global Stage. And don’t forget to follow them on Instagram at @blackhausband