Justin French


quinton brock’s “to the moon” is alt rock bliss

October 15, 2020
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“To The Moon,” the latest single from Brooklyn’s Quinton Brock is the kind of infectious alt-rock single that immediately worms it’s way into your brain and takes hold. Kinda like those things from Wrath of Khan, but good. Inspired by a run of personal catastrophes in rapid succession, from the death of his dog, a breakup, and the general breakdown of life, the universe, and everything, Brock found inspiration in the great Sister Rosetta Tharpe, and brought himself back from the brink of existential calamity. The resultant goodness is a song that’s unexpectedly and triumphantly joyful considering its inspiration. With a sound that calls back to The Pixies at their best (no Kim Deal, no deal…) Brock keeps his sights set firmly on the future and to the skies. “To The Moon” is a total jam.



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