Daniel Venosa


heavy baile’s “noturno 150” is pure joy

September 11, 2020
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Part of me wanted to use this as a jumping off point to write a big thing about the unbearable whiteness of classical art and the way institutions like The Met reinforce white supremacist cis-hetero patriarchy through their curation choices. But the fact is that Heavy Baile’s video for “Noturno 150” is so unabashedly joyful and amazing that we’re just going to focus on the positive for a second. The Rio de Janeiro based collective’s hooks you with an inescapable optimism. Everything about dancer Ronald Sheick’s performance is overflowing with kinetic energy. His choreography and movement perfectly convey a “can you believe this shit?!” wonder. It’s a 3 minute celebration of art, interconnectedness, and hope, and it’s just the fucking best.



For more from Heavy Baile, follow them on Instagram @heavybaile and keep up with Ronald Sheick @shk_cria.