yellowstraps deal with the complexities of new love on “frissons”

August 18, 2020
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YellowStraps, enlist French rapper Nelick for their latest single, “Frissons,” a well-crafted, laidback effort from Belgian electro-jazz, hip-hop duo, duo.

With Frissons, YellowStraps have managed to capture how it feels to be excited about the possibilities of new love, using downtempo synths and a relaxed bassline. The song is the first official single from Yellockdown Project, a follow-up project to their acclaimed EP from earlier this year, Goldress.  

The duo is documenting the creation of the Yellockdown Project via its YouTube channel, with the duo facing the challenge of releasing one track per week, every week of lockdown, featuring a different artist and written in 24 hours. Their efforts have culminated in a 13-track project, with features from artists spanning the UK, US, France, Iceland, Holland, and Germany, all created over the internet. Careful curation, personal connections with each artist, and the current global landscape have birthed an innovative collection of music that is a gift in these uncertain times and remains true to the YellowStraps DNA.

You can witness the creative process behind “Frissons” below with YellowStraps and Nelick going through the process of making the song and shooting the video all in one day.