Mel D Cole


ho99o9’s songs are raw and vital on new mixtape ‘blurr’

August 19, 2020
93 Picks

Three years ago while interviewing Ho99o9 at AFROPUNK Brooklyn, they referenced having a ton of music in the can ready to be released that they were being advised to sit on. If there’s one bright spot right now it’s that they finally told whoever was giving them that advice to fuck right off. Their latest mixtape ‘BLURR’ rounds up some of their favorite unreleased tracks, and it perfectly encapsulates Ho99o9’s unparalleled range. Straight up punk ragers (“Firefly Family” and “Dog Shit”), pummeling thrash (“Beneath The Earth’s Crust”), industrial anthems (“Hydro Break” and “Navigate”), spaced out glitchy cloud rap (“Hardcore”), and the haunting genre-less Pink Siifu-assisted “Movie Night.” With the accompanying full-length video, BLURR defies the very notion of a mixtape, offering an immersive cohesive experience. This may be the first time in history a band releases an odds and ends compilation where every track is essential.



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