premiere: diana gordon gets nostalgic in the “once a friend” video

July 2, 2020

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing about past lovers? And in the process considering your past selves? Ever-evolving singer-songwriter and producer Diana Gordon does. Her latest project, the Wasted Youth EP is a look back at the relationships of her youth and the various things she learned from them.

“Once A Friend” from the EP is a song about closure and being able to look back on a relationship without being affected by it. Less wistfulness and more of an acceptance of the fact that things change.

For the new video for the song the Queens, NY-bred Diana, is decked out in a Yankees cap, oversized baseball jersey, and jeans and surrounded by polaroids and flowers yet still managing to channel sexuality in a tomboy chic look that calls Aaliyah to mind.

“A feeling of nostalgia should wash over you while you listen and watch the visuals for ‘Once A Friend.”‘ Gordon says of the stripped-down video. “It’s a classic ’90s grunge-infused song about getting over a serious lost love or a bad breakup and getting to a place where thoughts of the relationship are no longer triggering and more hopeful.”  A reminder that there’s no closure as satisfying as the closure you give yourself.

Stream Diana Gordon’s Wasted Youth EP now.