these three artists collaborate on black masculinity

July 29, 2020
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Artur, Rafael and Pedro are three artists who have come together for the united purpose of exploring Black masculinity. In their own words their work serves to “keep the agenda on Black masculinity seen in journalistic and imagery vehicles constant and relevant. This follow through provides the contributions present in the stories of three Black men with different emotional experiences in their relationships.”

We spoke to all three artists on this project.

Where are you based?
I’m based in São Paulo.

Who inspires you?
Pat McGrath has always been an inspiration in my work, my twin in my life. Lately I’ve being inspired a lot by my friends, everything we’ve been doing together as Black people has lifted me to move forward in my art and in my life.

What does this project mean to you?
This project represents the need to keep bringing up the topic of redefining Black masculinity through affection. Images bring a conversation. It’s about how important it is to evolve from the inside, as a Black man.

Where are you based
I live in São Paulo more specifically in Jardim Ibirapuera where I grew up.

Who inspires you?
Among friends and family, the person who is my main source of inspiration is my mother.

What does this project mean to you?
For me ‘Black Masculinity’ means that I can free myself from paradigms that arise in our society. I believe I managed to bring my sensitivity into each pose without fear of judgment.

Where are you based
Born and raised in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro.

Who inspires you?
All my inspirations comes from travelling, experiences and my friends, most of all, my Black friends who are also following along “the same pathway as mine”.

What does this project mean to you?
‘Black Masculinity’ has a strong meaning. It shows the power of being a Black guy in a society which always try to dehumanize, blocking us from have feelings and express ourselves because “it’s wrong”, saying only girls can cry. A society that teach us how to be an straight man in a toxic way. You can’t wear a makeup ’cause if you do it you’re a f*ggot. It goes in contrast by what’s imposed by society showing affection and non-toxic-masculinity that has always been around us, getting us free from what blocked us for a long time.

Anything else you’d like to let our audience know?
All Black lives matter.

Photography by Pedro Werneck
Grooming by Artur Figueiredo
Model: Rafael Rodrigues