the best of bandcamp day 5/1: 10 releases to buy today

May 1, 2020
167 Picks

Bandcamp is once again, proving itself to be the premier streaming site and marketplace for indie artists. Today, May 1, from midnight to 11:59 p.m. PST, Bandcamp is waiving its fees for artists on the platform in support of an independent community that has been economically hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis.

We here at AFROPUNK are great supporters of independent music so we’re supplying you with a list of projects by AP-approved artists on which to spend your hard-earned coins.


Dreamcrusher – Panopticon!

Dreamcrusher is an artist whose medium is transgression as much as it is sound. Their latest release is a maelstrom of noise and industrial music meant to subvert the surveillance state, as its title suggests. It’s a simultaneously intellectual and visceral middle-finger to the status quo, conformity, and myopic expectations of what music is supposed to do for the listener. — timmhotep aku

AceMoma – EP2

After releasing the somehow prescient A New Dawn this January, Brooklyn-based electronic music producers Acemo and MoMaReady have dropped another timely piece of forward-thinking dance music in the form of their second EP. This, their third collaborative project, combines the hecticness of the present with hopefulness for the future and the result is a righteous, undeniable rave energy. — timmhotep aku


Moor Jewelry – True Opera

Moor Mother’s music has always had a punk rock edge, but on her latest collab with Mental Jewelry, she goes full-on punk, delivering what may be the strongest record of her career. While her lyrics are always a highlight, True Opera pushes her to new heights. — Nathan Leigh


Pink Siifu – NEGRO,

In that past few years, Livingston Matthews aka Pink Siifu has quickly become one of my favorite hip-hop artists by consistently releasing poetic vibey musings on his own life and Black existence, best exemplified by his 2018 seminal album, ensley. If that record represents the internal warmth of Black love and family then NEGRO, is the other side of the coin — Black rage channeled through the potent vehicle of raucous, revolutionary punk. With this pivot NEGRO, Pink Siifu has proven his versatility and moved into the ranks of my favorite artists, period. — timmhotep aku

Danny Denial – Fuck Danny Denial

If you’re at all like me, right now, you’re vacillating wildly between wanting music that lifts you up, and music that meets you where you are. For the latter, Danny Denial’s got you covered on their latest. The punk rock maestro’s forthcoming is one of my most anticipated records of 2020, and worth it just for the glorious pessimism of “Everything is terrible.” — Nathan Leigh


Upchuck – Upchuck EP

If you’re not up on Upchuck then what is you doin’, baby? One of our favorite female-fronted bands, they dropped their self-titled EP in January and gave those of us who’ve seen their superior live show a much-needed collection of their unique brand of garage punk— this is must-cop material for those of us who miss moshpits. — timmhotep aku

SPEW – “Fight the Power”

Tony Bontana’s latest with SPEW is a visceral blast of classic hardcore. “Fight the Power” is the sort of track that makes you long for the dingy DIY spaces drenched in sweat and cheap beer. It’s a reminder that though we probably shouldn’t gather to rage, the fight against injustice continues through this crisis. — Nathan Leigh

Gina Jeanz – Rhythm Chronicles

In these crazy times, you’ve got to take the time to dance away the rain—even if that means you’re simply dancing in your bedroom. Cape Town-based music producer and DJ Gina Jeanz has provided the perfect soundtrack for some therapeutic jubilation with her latest short-but-oh-so-sweet release. — timmhotep aku


Angel-Ho – Woman Call

On her new record, Cape Town icon Angel-Ho unifies her love for electro-pop, punk, and noise. The explosive Woman Call has a retro-future vibe that’s a little like going to an 80’s ballroom in a 23rd-century Holodeck. — Nathan Leigh

The Seshen – CYAN

For those moments when you need to recenter, The Seshen’s newest has you covered. CYAN is a lush and complex record that gets better with each listen. — Nathan Leigh