premiere: goya gumbani and kiina are “sittin right” in their new video

May 15, 2020

Some music is best enjoyed with a spliff in one hand and a snifter of brown liquor in the other. Joining forces for their upcoming EP The Lesser-Known, London-by-way-of-Brooklyn rapper Goya Gumbani and Scottish producer Kiina make this type of music together.

Their brand of smooth, enveloping, and meditative jazz-inflected hip-hop is made visual with the brief but vibey video for “Sittin’ Right.”Shot by Shane Vincent edited by Almass Badat, the video uses Gumbani’s introspective stream-of-consciousness rhymes to narrate scenes in the well-appointed South London house where The Lesser-Known was recorded.  Like a tone-setting glimpse behind the scenes, we get Gumbani and Kiina smoking in front of the fireplace, lounging on a leather couch and tinkering with instruments.

“This life is a quest and the answer I’ve gained from the questions I’ve developed have led me right here to this moment, says Gumbani of the project’s inspiration.  “Not everything is always gonna fall in ya lap but if you look hard enough the signs and truths are there.”


The Lesser-Known EP drops May 19th on GGwav Records. Follow Goya Gumbani on Bandcamp.